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Leadership Team

Stacey Engle portrait Chief Executive Officer Stacey Engle LinkedIn Profile
Bill Engle portrait Chief Strategy Officer Bill Engle LinkedIn Profile
Dr. Ben Goertzel portrait Chief AI Advisor Dr. Ben Goertzel LinkedIn Profile
Neetu Gupta portrait Chief Development Officer Neetu Gupta LinkedIn Profile
Justin Edwards portrait Vice President, Product Justin Edwards LinkedIn Profile
Jordannah Korus portrait Vice President, Operations and Customer Success Jordannah Korus LinkedIn Profile
Narinder Kamra portrait Chief Information Officer Narinder Kamra LinkedIn Profile
Lewis Farrell portrait Vice President, Marketing Lewis Farrell LinkedIn Profile
Mario Alberto Casiraghi portrait Web3 Advisor Mario Alberto Casiraghi LinkedIn Profile
Sergey Shalyapin portrait Senior Architect Sergey Shalyapin LinkedIn Profile
Lady Trader Ra portrait Vice President, Social Media and Community Engagement Ra X profile
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Twin Protocol's decentralized model leverages blockchain technology to create a democratic, transparent, and secure ecosystem for AI Twins. This model ensures user sovereignty over data, where individuals control their AI Twins and the information shared. By decentralizing the network, Twin Protocol eliminates central points of failure, enhancing privacy and security while fostering a community-driven environment. Users can contribute to, and benefit from, a marketplace of AI services and knowledge sharing. This approach not only democratizes access to technology and information but also encourages innovation and collaboration, making advanced AI and blockchain benefits accessible to all.

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Twin Protocol harnesses the transformative power of blockchain technology to create a unique and secure platform for verifying identity of the AI Twins. By leveraging an immutable ledger, it ensures that each twin's identity and authenticity are preserved, providing a trustless environment for users to explore, engage, and have portability in multiple systems. This technology not only enhances transparency and security but opens up new possibilities for interactions and digital collectibles.

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The Tokenized Twin Marketplace within Twin Protocol is a groundbreaking platform that combines blockchain technology with AI to offer a unique ecosystem where users can create, buy, sell, or trade AI Twins services and assets. This marketplace leverages tokenization to ensure secure, transparent transactions, fostering a dynamic environment for digital creativity and exchange. It empowers users to monetize their AI Twins and intellectual property, while also providing a space for innovation and collaboration. The decentralized nature of the marketplace guarantees user autonomy, making it a hub for accessing personalized AI services and contributing to a community-driven digital economy

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Security and privacy are paramount in Twin Protocol's platform, designed to ensure the highest level of protection for AI Twins and user data. Leveraging advanced blockchain technology, the platform provides a decentralized and tamper-proof system where all transactions and interactions are securely recorded. Encryption standards safeguard personal information, ensuring that only authorized users can access or modify their AI Twins. Twin Protocol also implements strict privacy policies and ethical guidelines, ensuring user control over data sharing and interaction. This comprehensive approach ensures that users can trust the platform with their digital personas, fostering a safe, inclusive, and respectful digital environment.

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