Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A "Twin" is a digital avatar or representation of an individual, typically designed using cutting-edge AI and blockchain technology. This AI twins emulates the personality, knowledge, behaviors, and communication styles of its human counterpart, allowing it to interact, make decisions, and perform tasks in a manner that closely mirrors the original person.


    • Each Twin is tailored to the specific individual it represents, capturing their unique attributes and expertise. This involves sophisticated AI algorithms that learn from the individual's behaviors, preferences, and professional inputs.

    • Twins are capable of engaging with others on behalf of the original person. For instance, a Twin of a CEO could participate in meetings, respond to emails, or manage communications with stakeholders, effectively extending the CEO's capacity to engage and make decisions.

    • Twins evolve over time, learning from ongoing interactions and feedback to refine their capabilities and performance. This makes them increasingly effective in their roles as digital stand-ins.

    • Utilizing blockchain technology, the Twin Protocol ensures that interactions are secure and data privacy is maintained. This is crucial for maintaining the integrity and confidentiality of the information handled by the Twin.

    • For thought leaders, celebrities, and business executives, Twins provide a scalable solution to extend their influence and presence. They can interact with a larger audience more frequently and consistently than would be physically possible for one person.

    • Twins can also serve to preserve and perpetuate the legacy of an individual, maintaining and disseminating their knowledge and values even beyond their active career or lifetime.

AI twins from Twin Protocol can significantly benefit various industries by providing advanced solutions for improving decision-making, enhancing productivity, expanding reach, and more. Here are some key industries where AI twins from Twin Protocol can be particularly impactful:

At launch, registered users will have the opportunity to interact with our growing list of celebrity and subject matter expert AI twins; as well as be added to the waitlist to create their own twin. You are able to create your twin account that will be unlocking features on a regular basis, so sign up and start interacting and contributing to your twin by asking questions and learning from other twins!

AI twins can be easily set up or trained in one of three ways:

      1. Uploading written, audio and/or video materials to our system

      2. Talking to your twin

      3. Analysis of existing content on your social media platforms or available online.

We currently have a VIP Twin service right now with pricing models that fit what is best for you. We will be expanding this service and further information will be available with the launch of our 'Create-your-Twin' feature

It's fast and simple. However, the more time you spend with your twin, the more it learns from you.

Twin Protocol is deeply committed to the protection of personal information uploaded to our platforms. More information about our approach to data privacy and security can be found on our website:

The Twin Protocol Platform is an innovative ecosystem that leverages AI and blockchain technology to create AI twins of individuals. These digital counterparts can interact, learn, and engage on behalf of their human counterparts, offering personalized experiences and knowledge sharing on a global scale, 24/7. It revolutionizes how professionals, celebrities, and thought-leaders connect with their audience, enabling deeper engagement, content monetization, and the preservation of legacies in the digital realm. For all Twin related data, Twin Protocol prioritizes security and privacy, using advanced blockchain for a decentralized, tamper-proof system, encrypting personal data, and allowing only authorized access to AI twins, with strict privacy policies for user control over data sharing, ensuring a trustworthy and respectful digital environment.

The Twin Protocol company is based in St.Lucia, and has team members from all over the world.

Twin Protocol was founded in 2021.