Wed, 13 Sep 2023 17:57:12 GMT

Bridging the Realms of Robotics and Digital Twins, Collaboration Set to Usher in New Era of AI and Blockchain


  • Strategic Partnership Between SophiaVerse and Twin Protocol
  • Partnership to Empower Businesses with AI and Blockchain Solutions
  • Multiple Main Stage Appearances at BREATHE! Convention (September 13–15)
  • Featuring Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sophia the Robot

Las Vegas — SophiaVerse, the immersive Web3 metaverse created by Hanson Robotics and SingularityNet Foundation (SNET) to develop sentience in Sophia, the world’s most famous and beloved humanoid robot, and Twin Protocol (Twin), an AI pioneer in data storage and utilization through innovative blockchain technology, announced a strategic partnership to redefine the boundaries of human-like AI experiences.

Unveiled on day one of the BREATHE! Convention in Las Vegas, the partnership brings together the best aspects of robotics and digital twins. With Sophia’s rapidly expanding AI abilities, Twin brings advanced technological capabilities and a unique engagement experience. Twin’s blockchain storage and ecosystem can ensure that as SophiaVerse scales, its data is put to the best use.

SophiaVerse is designed to make machines compassionate and sentient while helping humans become more comfortable with the idea of super-intelligence. By combining the core strengths of SophiaVerse and Twin Protocol, the organizations will bring cutting-edge technology and lifelike AI interactions directly to users — bridging the gap between innovation and practical application. The collaboration sets the stage to unlock new opportunities for metaverse users and the SophiaVerse community.

“We are excited about this partnership and its profound significance for Sophia’s evolution,” said Logan Ryan Golema, CEO of SophiaVerse. “Twin can put Sophia’s rapidly expanding conversational skills to work by interviewing leading technology experts and enthusiasts. To mark the occasion, Sophia will be at BREATHE! to discuss this new partnership, the future of SophiaVerse and our view of artificial general intelligence (AGI).”

“We are thrilled to partner with SophiaVerse as we work together to build secure, safe and benevolent AI,” said Stacey Engle, CEO of Twin Protocol. “This partnership marks the convergence of AI, robotics, blockchain, and the metaverse in an unparalleled way. By bringing the best lifelike AI interactions to the forefront, we can engage our communities in the quest to enter the age of singularity.”

Join Sophia and Team at BREATHE! 2023

To celebrate today’s announcement, Sophia, along with the SophiaVerse and Twin Protocol teams will participate together at BREATHE! 2023 — a convention dedicated to exploring the technologies rewriting the playbook of traditional business.

There are a number of ways to connect with the team at BREATHE!:

  • Visit booth 911 at the Expo at World Market Center;
  • Catch a live demo of digital twins;
  • Observe Sophia as she interviews industry experts about trends, AI-related projects and emerging technologies for Radio Free Sophia;
  • Enjoy Sophia’s interview with special guest Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr. about the Future of Work (September 13, Center of the Universe Mainstage);
  • Hear Twin’s CSO Bill Inman and COO Michael Foley discuss the Future of Work with AI (September 14, Continuum Stage); and
  • Attend the “Introduction to SophiaVerse: What’s Next for AI” panel discussion with Sophia, and executives from Twin Protocol, SophiaVerse and Trailyn VC. (September 14, Continuum Stage).

About SophiaVerse

SophiaVerse aims to bring artificial general intelligence (AGI) to the Web3 metaverse through the development of Sophia the Robot. A partnership between Hanson Robotics and the SingularityNet Foundation, SophiaVerse is designed to make machines compassionate and sentient while helping humans become more comfortable with the idea of super-intelligence. Learn more at:

About Twin Protocol

Twin Protocol is a cutting-edge data storage and utilization platform leveraging the robust capabilities of blockchain technology. By pioneering the creation of digital avatars for individuals, Twin facilitates seamless work, income generation, and communication without necessitating a physical presence. Addressing critical business imperatives, Twin captures invaluable knowledge from departing employees while adeptly aligning organizations with requisite skills on demand. Learn more at

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