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Dr. Ben Goertzel Leverages Photorealistic Generative AI Avatar Technology from Twin Protocol at AI for Good Conference in Switzerland

Twin Protocol Technology Shared at AI for Good with SingularityNET

SEATTLE — May 30, 2024— Dr. Ben Goertzel, Founder of SingularityNET and Chief Artificial Intelligence (AI) Advisor to Twin Protocol, will launch a video of his avatar addressing visitors to the AI for Good conference in Geneva, Switzerland. Use of the generative AI avatar technology by top AI scientist, Dr. Ben Goertzel, demonstrates the power of secure, ethically engineered AI to foster a culture of continuous knowledge sharing, innovation, and growth.

His avatar is the first of an ongoing series of digital twin modalities Dr. Goertzel and Twin Protocol will unveil over the coming months. Dr. Goertzel’s digital AI avatar is the ideal candidate to deliver insights on the future of artificial general intelligence (AGI) at AI for Good, exploring the ethical implications of AI and the transformative potential of decentralized networks. Dr. Goertzel’s digital AI avatar will also delve into his pioneering research on combining AI with blockchain technology to create a more secure and transparent digital ecosystem.

In addition to Dr. Goertzel’s digital AI avatar, Stacey Engle, CEO of Twin Protocol, will also be present at the AI for Good conference, discussing the collaboration between Twin Protocol and SingularityNET and their shared vision to leverage generative AI technology as a force for good. By morally applying cutting-edge AI technologies on a secure, dynamic platform, individuals can share knowledge and unlock human potential in foundational ways.

Led by Seattle business leader and AI-industry trailblazer, Stacey Engle, and veteran AI and blockchain entrepreneur, patent-holder, and Chief Strategy Officer, Bill Inman, Twin Protocol is revolutionizing how businesses, thought leaders, brands, celebrities, and others communicate and securely share knowledge with customers, fans, and individuals. At the SingularityNET booth, Ms. Engle will demonstrate Twin Protocol’s groundbreaking technology, seamlessly integrating AI and blockchain technologies to provide a compelling glimpse into the future of AI-driven human interaction.

View Dr. Goertzel’s digital AI twin here:

According to Dr. Goertzel, “Twin Protocol is building technology that will enable one of the dreams of many of us in the over-busy modern world: To be in many places at the same time! Imagine being able to send your digital twin to take part in a meeting, gather information from a colleague, give advice to a student, or give a talk at a conference — while you spend time with your kids, do some work at your desk, or address another audience elsewhere in the world. Twin Protocol is at the forefront in this fast-moving domain, creating digital twins running on decentralized infrastructure, respecting data sovereignty and adhering to strong security practices and robust ethical principles. Given AI technology’s rapid rate of advance, today’s already interesting and powerful digital twins are going to become vastly more capable in the coming months and years.”

Dr. Goertzel has been at the cutting edge of technological AI innovation throughout his career, and the use of our digital AI twin technology is the latest example of his ability to embrace new methods of communication and knowledge sharing. This collaboration between SingularityNET and Twin Protocol not only amplifies Dr. Goertzel’s work but also advances our collective pursuit of building beneficial AGI. Together, we are making strides in democratizing AI and creating secure, ethical communication platforms for the future,” said Stacey Engle, CEO of Twin Protocol.

Dr. Ben Goertzel is a cross-disciplinary scientist, entrepreneur, and author. He is the CEO and Founder of SingularityNET, an ecosystem of AI services with a mission to create a decentralized, democratic, inclusive, and beneficial AGI. Dr. Goertzel’s research encompasses multiple areas, including natural language processing, cognitive science, machine learning, computational finance, bioinformatics, virtual worlds, gaming, parapsychology, theoretical physics, and more. He has published more than 25 scientific books, 150 technical papers, and numerous journalistic articles, and has been featured as a high-profile speaker at many global events.

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The mission of Twin Protocol’s global venture is to empower individuals and organizations to create secure, dynamic digital versions of themselves to share knowledge, create legacies, and foster continuous learning. Through an advanced AI and blockchain ecosystem, Twin Protocol is revolutionizing the way knowledge and expertise are preserved, shared, and utilized. Twin Protocol, along with strategic partners including SingularityNET, is committed to helping users shape a future where knowledge is an enduring and shared asset. Learn more at Twin Protocol.

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