Tue, 30 Apr 2024 15:00:10 GMT

New Blockchain-Based, Generative AI, Interpersonal Platform fromTwin Protocol a Leap Forward in Knowledge Sharing

First Phase of Platform Launches Today, Delivering Secure,
AI-Enabled Audio Communication with Voice Twins

SEATTLE — April 30, 2024— Twin Protocol today unveils the first phase of a multi-tiered rollout of its breakthrough AI twin platform. The brainchild of Seattle business leader and AI-industry trailblazer, Stacey Engle, and veteran blockchain entrepreneur and Chief Strategy Officer, Bill Inman, Twin Protocol provides the most secure means of sharing knowledge, starting with AI-based voice communication. Ultimately, the company’s decentralized platform is focused on building personal, secure, AI twins data sets that individuals own on the blockchain. The initial platform will evolve into multiple modalities including chatbots, holograms, robots, even avatars, made fully secure by the company’s blockchain technology.

The vision of the Twin Protocol platform is to revolutionize how thought leaders, brands, celebrities, and others communicate and securely share knowledge with customers, fans, and individuals. People around the globe seeking information and expert insights any time of day or night can interact with meticulously trained AI twins on an ultra-relatable, one-to-one, natural-language basis. Verbal communication on the Twin Protocol platform is available today, and in the future, the platform will be gamified and customers can also choose to develop their own AI twin that can be securely accessed by other ecosystems.

Twin Protocol will soon unveil several additional showcase-level digital voice AI twins demonstrating the benefits of this revolutionary, AI-driven communication medium. Celebrities, sports professions, business leaders, and other thought leaders will make their voice AI twins available on the Twin Protocol platform. Experts and influencers can monetize their audience connections by allowing multiple people to interact with their AI twins — AI Twin Showroom.

As CEO of Twin Protocol, Stacey has assembled a talented international team as well as strategic partners that will assist in creating the Twin Protocol ecosystem, featuring AI twins across a broad spectrum of business, entertainment ventures, sports, education, and more. A Twin AI Utility token will be used to support gamification on the platform, making every encounter a learning and engagement journey.

According to Ms. Engle, “We have taken best-in-class technologies in a cross-section of disciplines and created a seamless, secure, intuitive, new communication medium with endless, real-world applications. Twin Protocol represents the next great leap in interpersonal communications, a Netflix for knowledge if you will, along the continuum of advances over the last hundred years, including the telephone, radio, and the internet.”

AI twins of company leaders, Stacey Engle and Bill Inman, serve as examples of the potential of this technology, expertly and responsibly applied. In addition, the voice AI twin of the CEO of CALI, Doug Jackson, a Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, has been created. CALI, a leading flooring products company, is leveraging Twin Protocol as a consumer educational tool to guide prospective customers through the features, benefits, and applications of different types of flooring. This exceptionally trained AI twin will be able to address complex issues, including which type of wood and flooring works best with anxious pets, flooring designed for wet and high-humidity environments, and options ideal for heated floors, to name a few.

We see the Twin Protocol platform as a great educational tool to help customers eliminate confusion and better understand the flooring options that make sense for their particular environments and lifestyles,” said Jackson.

The Twin Protocol dialogue-management system platform seamlessly integrates cutting-edge techniques to enhance conversational experiences:

  • Custom data-based LLM (Large Language Models) for natural language understanding and generation.
  • Customizable voice cloning with an emotional human-like touch, enabling personalized interactions.
  • Implementation of high-level symbolic reasoning for advanced cognitive tasks.
  • Systematization and application of rules and patterns to streamline conversational flow.
  • Integration of neural modules trained on large-scale datasets for improved accuracy.
  • Application of conversational skills leveraging a refillable knowledge base for contextually relevant responses.
  • Human-in-the-loop retraining ensures continuous system module improvement and enhanced cognitive abilities.
  • Emotions are imbued within vocal expressions, rendering audio responses more realistic and human-like, fostering deeper engagement.

Interact with the new AI twins here: AI Twin Showcase

About Twin Protocol
The mission of Twin Protocol’s global venture is to empower individuals and organizations to create secure, dynamic digital versions of themselves to share knowledge, create legacies, and foster continuous learning. Through an advanced AI and blockchain ecosystem, Twin Protocol is revolutionizing the way knowledge and expertise are preserved, shared, and utilized. Twin Protocol is committed to empowering users and shaping a future where knowledge is an enduring and shared asset. Learn more at Twin Protocol.