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Visit our new space and join 40+ AI Leaders and Experts for two days of immersive AI learning and exploration


• Official launch of Twin Protocol metaverse space — a key milestone in our multiverse strategy

• Twin’s CEO, Stacey Engle, COO, Michael Foley and CSO, Bill Inman to showcase how personal twins will transform your world

• Twin’s Chief AI Scientist and CEO of SingularityNet, Ben Goertzel’s R&D AI Digital Twin Prototype to showcase Twin technology — live

• Leading experts explore and demystify the rapidly advancing world of AI

Twin Protocol (Twin), an AI pioneer in data storage and utilization through innovative blockchain technology, today announced that it will celebrate the launch of its customized metaverse space at the upcoming AI World Fair. An evolving “virtual headquarters”, visitors to the Twin metaverse space will enjoy one-of-a-kind immersive and engaging AI-driven experiences. Watch the trailer to learn more.

About the AI World Fair

Held in Decentraland, Innovation City October 25th to 27th, the AI World Fair 2023 is a virtual three-day event bringing together top AI experts to explore ideas, issues and opportunities around AI. Conversations will unearth and demystify key AI concepts and viewpoints and illuminate the AI roadmap over both short and long term horizons.

A must-attend event for AI enthusiasts, the event will showcase the work of AI-driven brands and companies and enable users to experience futuristic new tools and features within a fun and exciting gamified ecosystem. For more information and to view the complete schedule visit:

Join Twin for One-of-a-kind Experiences at the AI World Fair

“Twin is proud to play an important role at this world-first event,” said Stacey Engle, CEO of Twin Protocol. “In addition to taking part in the illuminating discussions being held at the AI World Fair, we are very excited to celebrate the launch of Twin’s immersive metaverse space with the AI enthusiasts in attendance. We invite the community to engage in some of our prototypes and connect with each other.”

Attendees are encouraged to check out Twin’s new metaverse space to enjoy special experiences, including:

Meeting Dr. Ben Goertzel’s digital twin prototype — interact and chat with the scientist and AI thought leader about his life and research

Visiting Twin Protocol’s computer terminal — use our backend technology to ask our team questions about our technology or perspectives on the potential of AI

Interacting with team and community members

Joining our exclusive social channels and signing up to hear about new features

Participating in the AI World Fair’s gamification task system — earn virtual currency and amazing wearables including a free Twin Protocol T-Shirt

Learn how to Deploy AI Responsibly in Virtual Worlds

Join Stacey Engle, CEO of Twin and Yemel Jardi, Executive Director, Decentraland Foundation on October 26 from UTC 18:00 and repeated UTC 2:00 as they discuss how to deploy AI responsibly in virtual worlds.

Gain Insights into how a Digital Twin can Drive Productivity and Revenue Growth for Your Business

Don’t Miss us on the Main stage on October 26th from UTC 21:00 and repeated UTC 05:00 for an exciting panel discussion where we’ll highlight Personal Twins: Transforming Your World.

About Twin Protocol

Twin Protocol is a cutting-edge data storage and utilization platform leveraging the robust capabilities of blockchain technology. By pioneering the creation of digital presence for individuals, Twin facilitates seamless work, income generation, and communication without necessitating a physical presence. Addressing critical business imperatives, Twin captures invaluable knowledge from departing employees while adeptly aligning organizations with requisite skills on demand.

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